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1. Favorite random race of the season ?

My favorite race of the season was EX swimrun super sprint. I have never done sprint races and to be honest I was not sure I was ready for that. I also had a bad travel experience before arriving at the race and that made it all the more challenging. It was so fun to race against such strong women in this super hard format!! I really enjoyed it And I suggest other swimrunners to give It a try!

2. A race you’ ve never done before but is at the top of your wishlist?

I have so many « dream races » that I would love to do.

I will race in November in South Africa. I never went to Africa before and it will be my first time there. I will go with Nicolas Remires to compete in Torpedo swimrun race. I can’t wait!

3. Highlight of the season?

I don’t have one specific highlight of my season but many. I raced with different partners and that was amazing: each of them gave to me a different experience!

Racing with Hanna skarbatt in Gorges du Verdon was a blast: I didn’t talk so much to Hanna before, I just know her for her results in this sport. It’s amazing How this sport can create good relationship beetween people that don’t know each other. Its not easy to trust a person that you don’t know very well, and decide to meet up for a race. I’m so happy that Hanna decided to come and do a long travel to France to race with me.

With Hanna We had a Great feeling And I really enjoy racing with her in a such hard race like Gorges du Verdon!

4. No.1 Tip for first timers?

Like I said before, for me the n*1 tip to share For new swimrunners is to try to change partners. You can learn a lot from different partners, build new relationships, learn tips, strategy and most important live better the competition. I’m a competitive person, but racing with athletes that usually are your competitors helps me to live better the competition with them. We are first friends before competitors, We raced together, we had adventures together and We shared emotions together.

5. One piece of kit you couldn’t do without?

My tiger googles from zoggs int, for me the best googles out there for swimrun!! I always race with them, I can’t use other one.

6. Your pick for athlete of the season (and why) ?

It will be Maybe a repetition, but for me Desiree Andersson deserve even this season to be the athlete of the season. She come back to a really bad injury in the beginning of the year and she is able to compete really hard even if she is not in her best shape. She is a fighter, one of the most strongest woman I know. She has a Iron mental! I’m so impressed by her!

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