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What is swimrun?

ÖTILLÖ or “Island to island” in Swedish was born in the Stockholm archipelago.

Swimrun is a sport practiced in pairs, whether it is two men, two women or a mixed team.

All teams have to get from point A to point B by alternating swimming and running. The main feature that sets swimrunapart from other disciplines such as triathlon or aquathlon, is that each competitor carries throughout the race all of theequipment necessary for their progress. From the start tothe finish line, no team will be able to get rid of or recoverequipment. Therefore it is necessary to be able to constantly adapt from swimming to running throughout the race.Competitors are allowed to take food or drinks only from the official refreshment points. It is therefore important to useequipment adapted to the practice of swimrun and to thevariables of the race (temperatures, altitude, etc.), in particular in terms of wetsuit, shoes and accessories (handpaddles, pull buoy, etc.).

SWIMRUN HAs something different compared To Others sports…

I know swimrun pretty well by now and I have learned that somebody’s size, muscle mass and impressive Ironman records are pretty irrelevant. Swimrun needs something else. Swimrun is not a sport where you can look at the numbers, the facts and the record and determine the outcome. Swimrun is a bit magic.

Swimrun is a sport where you have to accept that you don’t know what is going to happen. You know it’s going to be hard (if you try to win!). But you don’t know what’s in line between the start line and the finish line. And no, there is no such thing as a straight line!

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